Complete Starter Kit

  • 1-lb. Reusable Candle Beads + 1 Hand-Blown Tempered Glass Jar + 10 Premium Wicks!

  • Eco-Friendly! The reusable beads are made of organic vegetable oils!

  • Long-Lasting! ONE bag of beads lasts longer than TEN store-bought candles!

  • NO harsh chemicals + ZERO harmful toxins!

  • HUGE SAVINGS! (Compare at $150 or more for 10 store-bought candles!)

Burn Your Candle, Not The Environment

Protect the planet by burning reusable, organic plant-based beads and recycling your candle jars!

Quality Candle Jars

Our jars are five ounces, hand-blown by a real living person, and made from tempered glass. This makes them tough to break while remaining absolutely gorgeous.

Premium Candle Wicks

Get more out of your current candle with our 5" organic wicks. Unlike other candles, we use absolutely zero metals in our wicks, and are cool-to-the-touch just 10 seconds after being blown out!

NEW Magic Candle Beads

What candle kit would be complete without the wax? Go green with our reusable wax beads, which are made with organic vegetable compounds. The best part? They don't contain any harsh pollutants, chemicals, or toxins!

Reuse & Recycle

Because our beads don't melt together like other candles, you can easily remove them when you're done burning! Ready to burn again? Just add more beads and voila! You have a brand new candle again.

Set for Life!

You'll never have to buy another jar again! Plus, just one complete candle kit gives you 120+ hours of long-lasting burn time! If you manage to burn through all your beads, you simply buy the beads & wicks.

Save The Planet (And Your Wallet!)

Not only do our candles help reduce your carbon footprint, but they'll save you money too! Each candle kit comes with the same burn time as 10 store-bought candles of a comparable size!

Breathe Easy!

If your candle billows black smoke when you blow it out, that's because there's harsh metals in the wick. If your candle burns blue & orange hues, that's because there's petroleum, mercury, or other nasty chemicals in the wax! Once you go organic, you won't go back.

One Hand Operation

The gravity panning system and automatic adjustment feature allows for simple one step, one hand operation. The wireless car charger creates a safer driving experience while the charging pad provides major convenience.

2-in-1 Functionality

We've all been driving while having to hold the phone in one hand while watching for the next turn. Those days are over! Not only does this car charger fast charge your phone, but it holds your phone wherever you want for easier, safer access with GPS, phone calls, etc.

Doesn't Break The Bank

At this unbelievably low pricing, you can't get a better value anywhere else. With one-of-a-kind features, the #1 Wireless Car Charger, and a magnetic charging cable, you'll never need to buy a charger again!

POWRful Protection

A lot of chargers end up over-heating or over-loading -- but not ours! Our products have surge protection, high temperature protection, over-load protection, over-current protection, AND lightening strike protection. Now THAT'S a lot of coverage!

Here’s why customers love this Kit

Stacie Johnson


"I don't think my wife's ever been so impressed with me. She couldn't believe the quality of the candles!"

James CarToyz Mitchell


"Hands down the best purchase I've ever made. The car charger is legit, the magnetic cord is crazy convenient for the office, and the charging pad is the perfect addition to my nightstand!"

Kevin Muir 


"World class products for a fraction of the price. Came in just a few days. Honestly, I could not be happier. Safe to say I'm a customer for life. (Even though I probably won't need another charging accessory ever again!)

Here’s why customers love This Bundle

Stacie Johnson


"Bought it. Love it! Took less than a minute to hook up in my car. Charges while in use and doesn't make any rattling noises as I drive down the road."

James CarToyz Mitchell


"Best phone holder I have owned, and I have tried many brands/styles - best part is not having to deal with a cable, (but I do love the magnetic charging cable for my wife's phone.) Just grab the phone and go!"

Kevin Muir


"I received mine today, ordered it Thursday. 100% as described. Works awesome and I am beyond thrilled. I will highly recommend you to my friends."

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