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Charging Your Phone Just Got Easier

We've been selling car chargers for over a decade, and our newest one just solved all your problems.

Gravity-Fed Holder

Bumpy roads on your commute? No problem — this car charger is different than every one that's come before it! The gravity panning system allows you to simply drop your phone in, and it automatically locks! You never have to worry about your phone drooping, dropping, slipping, or sliding ever again.

3 Mounting Options

We provide multiple mounting options because we know not every car is the same, which is why ours comes with not one, not two, but three mounting options! Whether you want your charger on your dashboard, vent, or windshield, we've got you covered.

Truly Fast Charging

This is the ONLY wireless car charger with the power output required to fast charge EVERY phone with wireless charging capabilities. With up to 15W of power output, we charge phones like the Galaxy S10 and iPhone XS with blazing fast speeds!

One-Hand Operation

The gravity panning system and automatic adjustment feature allows for a one-step, one-hand operation. Not only is this a major convenience, it also makes your commute safer!

Doesn't Break the Bank

At this ALL-TIME LOW price you can't get a better value anywhere else. Get the #1 Wireless Car Charger on the market and the only one with three mounting options and True Fast Charge!

2-in-1 Function

You no longer need a holder, wires, and a slow charge while driving. Not only does this car charger fast charge your phone but it can also act as a phone holder for GPS, phone calls, etc.!


Our charger has gone through a strict series of testing to ensure it holds up over time, which is why it offers: Surge Protection, Over-Heat Protection, Over-Load Protection, Over-Current protection, AND Lightning Strike Protection.

Powered By Gravity

The gravity locking system and automatic adjustment feature means your phone is held in the perfect place every time. Unlike electronically powered locks, gravity never wears out or stops working over time!

Affordable And Quality

At this unbelievably low pricing, you can't get a better value anywhere else. With all of features, this car charger is the #1 Wireless Car Charger!

Surge And Heat Protection

A lot of car chargers end up over-heating due to poor circuitry. Our charger has surge protection, high temperature protection, over-load protection, over-current protection, AND lightning strike protection.

Easy To Set-Up And Use

Setup takes 37 seconds (trust us, we timed it). After the fast set-up, using our charger requires dropping your phone into the arms. That's it - 1 step to use, and 1 step to remove it when you get out of the car.

Here’s why customers love this Car Charger

Stacie Johnson


"Bought it. Love it! Took less than a minute to hook up in my car. Charges while in use and doesnt make any rattling noises as I drive down the road."

James CarToyz Mitchell


"Have it - Love it - Best phone holder I have owned, and I have tried many brands/styles - best part is not having to deal with a cable, just grab the phone and go."

Kevin Muir 


"I received mine today, ordered it Thursday. %100 as described. Works awesome and I am beyond thrilled. I will highly recommend you to my friends."

Here’s why customers love Us

This Protector Is Perfect


This car charger actually fit every phone we had - even an iPhone XS max with a case on it!

Works really really well.


Works really well. Requires very little effort and is simple to use. In less than a minute I got it installed in my car!

Great For Maps

Matt Lokay

I use my phone to navigate when I'm driving, and have been in near misses before because of it. With this charger mounted next to my wheel, I can keep my eyes on the road AND on my maps. I haven't had a near miss since using this product!

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