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Countless Advantages

Protecting Your Phone Just Got Easy

We have solved all the problems with the traditional screen protectors. AND we are giving ours away for free. No more cracked screens and bubbles!


That's an 8 pound sledgehammer being swung with enough force to make the phone bounce off a table. Daily use and drops don't have a chance at cracking your screen.

Easy to Apply

We've provided an alcohol and dry wipe to clean your phone screen of any dust before applying your protector. Simply take the back cover off, line up the protector with your phone screen and stick it on, no bubbles or hassle.


We want people to stop breaking $1000 dollar phones while living their lives. Powr is giving away our screen protectors to help stop broken screens from happening. All we ask is you cover our shipping, which is fast, from our US warehouse.

High-end Design

Grill Rescue is by far the most advanced grill brush on the market. From our Kevlar Cleaning Heads, to our industrial strength clip mechanism, it doesn't get any stronger than this!

Doesn't Break the Bank

At this unbeatable pre-sale pricing, you can't get a better value anywhere else. Only for a limited time can you get Grill Rescue at an unbelievable discount. Grab it now while we're still in pre-orders.

Clean in Seconds

Gone are the days of scrubbing your grill for 15-20 minutes trying to get off that sticky BBQ you cooked last week. Watch as Grill Rescue uses steam to pulverize that caked on gunk in seconds!

Vigorous Testing

Grill Rescue doesn't only go through our tough durability standards tests, it is also tested by professional grillers. We put Grill Rescue in the hands of the best BBQ experts to test this on their grills.

Strength and Durability

Our screen protectors are made of grade 90 D hardness plastic, harder than a construction worker's hard hat but still flexible enough to apply easily. We use plastic instead of glass because it can't shatter or get spider cracks.

Crystal Clear

Despite using plastic, our screen protectors are as clear as a crystal wine glass. After extensive testing, redesign and using nearly 30 different types of plastic, we've found one that allows 99.97% of light through.

Ease of Use

Our protectors take less than 30 seconds to apply, but you already know that. If for whatever reason you decide to take it off, our adhesives are special made to leave 0 residue, unlike the adhesive we found was used on 8/10 competing screen protectors.


In case you haven't heard by now, we're giving these away. We're tired of broken phone screens and we're sure you are too. Everyone deserves a working phone, and they won't break from normal use anymore.

Here’s why customers love Grill Rescue



Matt Lokay

Here’s why customers love Us

This Protector Is Perfect


This screen protector is awesome! It didn't take us more than 15 seconds to apply it, and we test dropped the phone a dozen times without breaking the screen! 

Works really really well.


Works really well. Requires very little effort and is simple to use. In less than half a minute I got it installed on my phone!

Saved My Screen

Matt Lokay

I dropped my phone the other day and the screen didn't shatter like it did when I didn't have this on it. Would highly recommend, saved me loads of money.

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